This is the first report from the latest Workforce Development Survey conducted by Skills for Health and Skills for Justice, both part of the Workforce Development Trust, and working with Edinburgh Napier University. The survey aimed to understand the views and experiences of employers in the public sector on such matters as qualifications and skills, apprenticeships, training, critical workforce issues and the external forces for change which shape how employers respond to challenges. The survey and subsequent analysis are conducted every two years.

Jon Parry who heads up research for Skills for Health and Skills for Justice said: “The subject of leadership and management has consistently been reported through successive surveys as requiring improvement. Four-fifths of respondents in our latest survey confirmed this is still the case.

“Poor leadership and management contributes to increased workloads, increased costs, staff churn, and reductions in funding, vital for the supply of good public services. Our research and our work in this area can help employers respond effectively and shape the ways they tackle this challenge.”

John Rogers, CEO of Skills for Health and Skills for Justice added: ” We have been running these surveys now for 10 years and each one has produced insightful findings about the critical workforce issues impacting the delivery of public services.

“My thanks to all those who contributed to our latest survey from which this report is drawn. Almost 700 employer-representatives responded from a wide range of public sector organisations – all have contributed to the ongoing debate, through this Report, around the importance of excellence in leadership and management for the public sector.”

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Contact Jon Parry, Head of Research, Skills for Health and Skills for Justice


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