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Discover the changes your staff want to see

Ambit’s satisfaction survey lets your colleagues tell you what’s working and what needs improving within your organisation. It gives you the confidence to bring improvements that boost morale, service quality and productivity in ways that set you apart from your peers because they’re changes your staff want to see.

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Get answers that move your organisation forward

Choose one of three survey levels. Each enables you to get a relevant amount of detail about your organisation’s most pressing matters alongside a helpful amount of support to make positive changes.

  1. A quick snapshot of your workplace
  2. In-depth analysis of your priority areas
  3. A bespoke report with guidance on how to best put in place the positive changes
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Use surveys that speak your team's language

Ambit uses questions created by industry experts.
By speaking your team’s language, we get them to answer candidly. Then, by knowing exactly how your staff feel, you gain the confidence to make improvements that boost morale and productivity.


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Shape a future you have confidence in

Ambit’s day one results put you in control of your organisation’s future. It highlights areas of development and gives you benchmark data which you can use to assess how you’re doing.

The survey gives you discussion and action points to have informed conversations within your team. It helps you discover new opportunities to improve organisational performance, giving you clear, data-backed ways to move forward.

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Get your answers in one easy process

As soon as you decide to use Ambit, we’ll work with you to tailor a survey to be scheduled at a date that suits you.

During the survey period, your team members spend 30-40 minutes privately rating how your organisation is performing in ten core areas including workplace culture, vision and strategy, efficiency, customer focus and people management.

Then within 10 days, you’ll discover how your organisation is performing, so you can get on with making the right improvements.

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Like to find out more?

Please get in touch today by e-mailing info@skillsforjustice.org.uk.

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