Woman leading a meeting with a group of colleagues

Skills for Justice has a proven track record in helping organisations to implement cost-effective workforce models to ensure the highest quality service is delivered in the most efficient way. Emphasis is made on the fact that any workforce plan should look at workforce requirements in terms of the activities that need to be performed to deliver the required level of service appropriate to the needs of the local population.

Adopting our Six Steps Methodology to Integrated Workforce Planning, a proven and trusted planning framework, we can help ensure you have a workforce of the right size with the right skills and competencies, but tailored to the context of your workforce and the services you are providing.

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We will help you get started with a workforce plan to include its purpose, scope, key drivers and identify the problems that need solving, whether that might be an ever-widening gap in the skills and knowledge of service delivery or support staff, recruitment and retention challenges, or changing demands from the local population.

Our workforce planning consultants help individuals, teams and organisations to think through what is required within their workforce to meet and manage business continuity and service needs.

Woman leading a meeting with a group of colleagues

We work with you to explore workforce supply and development routes to include utilising and upskilling different roles, deployment and redeployment of staff, embracing new technology and ways of working and succession planning with an understanding of the gaps that might exist in skills, roles and numbers. This leads to a final plan of action whereby much of the setting and formulation of the plan is put into motion.

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