A range of regulated and non-regulated courses have been developed and accredited by SFJ Awards. They are all based on Kissing it Better’s ethos of creative thoughtfulness in the care of others and designed to show how simple ideas can make a profound difference to the lives of the most vulnerable people in society, particularly older people.

The courses demonstrate through practice how generations can be brought together in a positive and rewarding way, how young and old can learn from each other, and how growing older can be a positive experience if you have the support of your family and community.

They are aimed at people of all ages, from those in Schools, Colleges or Universities, to those who work or volunteer in the healthcare sector and carers who look after loved ones.

Adrian Jackson, MD of SFJ Awards said: “We are delighted and proud to have developed these qualifications with Kissing it Better.

“We strongly believe these courses will provide learners with skills, knowledge and experiences that will have a lasting positive impact and help them to fulfil their potential both now and in the future. They will help bring generations together and create positive experiences of ageing and caring.”

Jill Fraser, CEO of Kissing it Better added: “These qualifications embody the wisdom and knowledge we’ve accumulated over 10 years of running projects in hospitals and care homes.

“The work we do brings the generations together and creates firm friendships and a deep sense of respect between young and old. Across the country we work with thousands of students every year. Many are inspired to seek a career in healthcare, particularly nursing – but all our young people feel uplifted and energised by working with us.”

To find out more including how SFJ Awards can help you, contact the team, info@sfjawards.com.


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