Experts in Designing Research

We know what works in research design, enabling you to get the most out of research using the resources available. We construct methodologies that secure high participation rates using our understanding of equality and diversity issues to ensure demographically representative samples.

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Making a difference

Our research is respected, listened to and influences decision-making at local, regional and national levels. We take pride in our flexible, positive approach, producing research that is engaging, accessible, honest and stands up to industry scrutiny.

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Producing robust evaluations

We have significant knowledge and experience in conducting process and impact evaluations at both project and programme level. In applying rigorous evaluation frameworks, we design proportionate, scalable and adaptable evaluation plans using logic models that explore impact.

In addition, members of our team are professionally trained in Social Return on Investment methods and have a wealth of experience in applying these as part of cost-benefit analyses.

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Understanding data

We are skilled in the investigation of large-scale complex data, applying sophisticated analytical and interpretive knowledge to ensure findings are communicated in a way that is relevant and understood. We integrate primary and secondary information, drawing real meaning from data to produce compelling insights and effective recommendations.

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Communication and dissemination

We synthesise and present our findings in ways that deliver incisive and relevant information. We want policymakers, stakeholders, partners and employers to be able to use our research to influence behaviour and decisions.

In accomplishing this, we place particular emphasis on clear communication and dissemination and, by exploring innovative ways of communicating beyond conventional published reports, we ensure research outputs are accessible and attractive to a range of users.


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