Prison officer working in prison setting

Project Overview

The health and care needs of individuals within Her Majesty’s Prison and Probation Service (HMPPS) present some unique and complex challenges. Staff awareness and knowledge of health and care needs is a key enabler towards supporting individuals to seek treatment to improve their health and rehabilitation outcomes.

Our Approach and Strategy

We have extensive experience with the development of other similar frameworks within the Health Sector and hold a database of information relating to different domains and capability statements, which can be used as a solid foundation for ongoing bespoke development.

Collectively, we have over 30 years of experience working with staff within Prisons and Probation and are familiar with job roles and terminology. We are very experienced in working with large subject matter expert groups and facilitating workshops so that they remain focused and gather the required information to steer the development of the framework. We have a tried and trusted methodology of research and planning which enables the project to run on time and within budget.

Key Objectives and Milestones

  • Development of a draft framework suitable for public consultation
  • Widespread engagement across the criminal justice sector for an online consultation
  • Analysis of consultation results and further review of the draft framework
  • Development of final framework ready for publication
  • Collaboration and promotion of the framework on the Skills for Justice website, across all social media channels, and at all relevant internal/external meetings

Project Leads

Project Leads from Skills for Justice

Cathy Gallagher –

Sharon Wilton –


Project Leads from Ministry of Justice

Samantha Hughes

Maggie Bolger

Expected delivery date

The framework is due to be completed early 2024. Going forward the framework will inform the development of all existing and future neurodiversity training which will be aligned to the capabilities in the framework.