The survey uncovered some interesting findings, such as:

  • 77% view apprenticeships positively to very positively
  • 80.8% of respondents have experienced some form of barrier when taking on an apprentice
  • 44.8% thought that the levy would have an impact on their business. 36.78% thought this impact would be positive to very positive. 27.1% thought this impact would be negative to very negative.
  • 74.5% thought it likely to very likely that they would recommend an apprenticeship to someone they know.

Significantly, 31.2% of those surveyed revealed they were not aware of the upcoming Apprenticeship Levy, which is due to launch on the 6th April. A further 55% did not think or were unsure if it would have an impact on their business, with 13.7% of respondents stating that they did not think the levy would encourage them to take on an apprentice, despite 83% of respondents having had a positive experience employing apprentices.

John Rogers, Chief Executive of Skills for Health and Justice, said: “Taking on and training apprentices is a fantastic way for organisations to shape the future of their business and its imperative they know how to make the most of new opportunities.”

“With less than a month to go until the Levy is introduced, some of the results are concerning. It is really important that organisations know how the incoming Apprenticeship Levy is going to affect them and how to make sure their organisation is adequately prepared. Conducting this survey has revealed just how many organisations in the health and justice sectors are not ready for the significant changes coming and will need support to be ready when the Levy comes in to force.”

We have the knowledge, skills and experience to help make the transition as smooth as possible when the Apprenticeship Levy is introduced next month. Offering a wide range of services including developing a sustainable apprenticeship strategy for your organisation, support with finding suitable apprenticeships, creating new roles and acting as a mentor. Whatever your need, we are equipped to provide support at every step of the process.


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