Ambit helps organisations appraise how their workplaces are performing in relation to essential aspects of organisational life. It is ideal for developing improvement strategies that meet the needs of the people they serve and their workforce. It helps to identify challenges, gaps and opportunities that may serve as a baseline and inform future development needs to improve performance across critical public sector services.

Jane Shannon Head of Organisational Development, G4S Central Government Services said:

“Our Custodial and Detention Services business area wanted to identify a clear baseline of organisational life across all of our prisons and detention centres, with the aim of working together to identify our top priorities for development throughout 2017.

“Ambit helped us to think about how to align core G4S values with the main areas of our organisational life, so that we will be able to offer excellent support and opportunities to those we care for – and get the best out of our people through ongoing development and recognition of their achievements.”

Skills for Justice, the Sector Skills Council for justice, are dedicated to supporting the UK’s justice, fire and fescue, local government, and armed services workforce, delivering tools and guidance on how to develop the right skills, for the right people, at the right time. Our mission is simple, we work to create a more integrated, sustainable and efficient workforce across the public sectors.

Ambit is just one of the great benefits that is available to Skills for Justice members. Learn more about Skills for Justice’s membership offer.

Toby Lindsay, Principal Consultant for Organisational Development at Skills for Justice said:

“Getting to know your organisation is crucial to identify areas in which you are doing really well and those that could be improved and developed. All organisations are made up of people who are having different experiences from different perspectives and gathering this data is very useful in helping you develop strategy, set objectives and manage your organisation’s performance.

“As with all mechanisms for feedback there is no on complete and definitive ‘right’ answer however, with the data that Ambit offers you, you will have a broader and richer awareness of your organisation and a number of opportunities for further inquiry, development and improvement.”

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