When people think of BT, they most likely think of broadband and landlines, but there’s actually much more to what BT has to offer, particularly in the justice sector, isn’t that right?

Whilst BT and EE are the UK’s number 1 broadband and mobile providers, our capabilities extend far beyond this with a range of digital and innovative solutions that can be tailored to your needs. The notion that BT only delivers connectivity is a common misconception, and one we are working hard to change. We are championing a digital future with cutting edge security systems, drone detection, public and private cloud services, virtual reality and internet of things (IoT) solutions.


Digital technology is increasingly central to the delivery of criminal justice, can you give us an example of how BT technology is helping to support the fight against crime?

Our digital solutions can support across the full end-to-end criminal justice process. In policing, our body worn cameras capture real-time footage which can be livestreamed back to Command and Control to ensure officers are protected when doing their job. Plus, over the past 20 years, our provision of communication systems in prisons has allowed contact with loved ones and provided education opportunities to support offender rehabilitation.


The Inspire Justice Awards is a celebration of the justice sector workforce whose work is often hidden from public view. Why did you decide to get involved?

We wanted to support the Inspire Justice Awards to praise the unsung heroes and celebrate the fantastic work that wouldn’t be possible without the efforts of each and every individual within the justice organisation. Many of us at BT have been working in justice for most of our careers, so understand the power of collaboration, sharing insights, and discussing progress and challenges to build stronger foundations for the future of our sector.


Speaking of the workforce, how is digital technology changing things for those working behind the scenes and is it changing things for the better?

Digital technology is connecting people with tools that empower hybrid workforces, keep data safe with scalable cyber security, simplify operations with cloud-based networks and help drive down costs for organisations within the justice sector. At BT, we work hard to ensure that all our digital products and services have clear and tangible benefits for the people that will use them.


Does that apply to the category (Courts and Tribunals Service Staff Member of the Year) that you sponsored?

We’re currently looking at opportunities with HMCTS to integrate remote court hearings with enhanced video services, designed to enable an effective hybrid workforce. We’re also consolidating the Wi-Fi estate which will significantly cut costs and simplify the MoJ’s connectivity.


Finally, what’s your message to all of our inspirational finalists?

We recognise the contribution of every individual to the justice system, and we thank you for directing positive change towards keeping the streets safer and ensuring justice is upheld. We will continue to challenge the status quo and strive towards ways we can improve services for our users.


Find out more about BT Business: business.bt.com/public-sector
Find out more about the Inspire Justice Awards: https://skillsforjustice.org.uk/inspire-justice-awards


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