In these unprecedented times, the Met Police have reached out to former Metropolitan Police Officers who have retired within the last five years (before 31.3.2015) to consider returning, under the MPS return scheme, to assist in keeping London safe in its response to the ongoing coronavirus outbreak and adding to much needed and valuable resilience.

The Commissioner, Cressida Dick, is writing to all former Met officers who have recently retired (within the last five years and with 30 years pensionable service) to ask them to re-join the Met either in a paid or voluntary capacity.

Police officers overwhelmingly join ‘the job’ to help people and to make a difference, and that desire will be as strong today as it was the very first day they joined. I am hopeful that these exceptionally experienced and knowledgeable former colleagues choose to come and be part of our team and support London at this extraordinary time – either as a re-employed police officer, special constable or a volunteer.” Cressida Dick.

The Met is asking all officers who retired as police constables or sergeants to re-join at those ranks, either on a full or part-time basis. Senior officers may also be able to re-join where they bring specific skills and experience.

Those officers who feel that returning or extending their service is not right for them or who retired at the rank of inspector or above, are also being asked to consider being sworn in as members of their Special Constabulary. Alternatively, they can volunteer in several other capacities.

The recruitment process has been streamlined so that re-joiners can quickly return to the streets of London. In most cases, the Met are looking for applicants to receive a start date and posting details within two weeks of applying.

The Met would like to hear from officers who resigned before completing 30 years’ service as they too have a re-joiner scheme available which is being fast-tracked. It is quite possible, that further forces across the country will be looking to retain staff and request recently retired staff to return.

As a trusted partner to the Met Police and many other forces across the UK, we’re here you to get through this crisis and help you to develop your workforce now and for the future. Our very best wishes and support goes out to all applicants, the Metropolitan Police and all our emergency services throughout the UK.

Retired officers can apply today online through the following link:

In the meantime, you can find our recently launched our guidance and support for the public sector in response to COVID-19 along with our Coronavirus (COVID-19) Awareness​ course by clicking here.


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